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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

In organisations conflict is inevitable.  Some common causes of workplace conflict include unclear responsibilities, competition for resources and different interests.  Left unchecked, conflict can lead to bad decisions and outright disputes such as bullying or harassment. Other conflict outcomes can include: teamwork breaks down, increase in absenteeism, lower levels of motivation and morale, decrease in productivity and increase in staff turnover.  It is therefore vital for companies to take steps to resolve differences quickly and effectively once a conflict situation arises. 


Conflict resolution can be defined as the informal or formal process that two or more parties use to find a peaceful solution to their dispute.  There are many styles of conflict management and which approach to use will depend on the type of a conflict situation.  In other words, there is no right or wrong style of conflict resolution.


Action HR Services can offer advice on the type of conflict resolution strategy to use to ensure a positive outcome is reached for all parties involved.

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