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Contracts & Handbooks

Employment Legislation

In Ireland, employment legislation requires every employer to provide employees with a valid, written contract, that details the terms and conditions of their employment, alongside the business’s own policies and procedures. Even if you have contract templates and policies in place, can you be certain they comply with the latest employment legislation? Failure to comply, may result in hefty penalties, while also damaging your organisation’s reputation.


Our Services provide a variety of options based on the size and requirements of your business. We start by taking the time to collate vital information about your business, and then, provide you with a full suite of employment contract templates, including permanent, fixed term, specified purpose and casual contracts and relevant accompanying letters.


You will also be provided with an official Employee Handbook, comprising more than 100 relevant policies. These will cover customer service, terms and conditions, leave policies, honesty, hygiene, safety, recruitment and development, rights and responsibilities, technology, disciplinary and grievance, data protection, and more.


By providing customised employment contracts, policies and procedures and employee handbooks, Action HR Services ensure that you are not only fully compliant with Irish law but that you are also giving employees a strong platform for success from the day they commence with your company.

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