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There is nothing more crucial for your company than hiring the right talent for your business. Hiring the right employee the first time will bring to your company a wealth of knowledge and skills, new ideas, a positive work environment, high employee morale, and ultimately company growth.  

However, hiring the right employee is particularly challenging in a competitive and candidate-driven job market. Getting it right is crucial for the continued success of the company. 


The cost of recruiting the wrong person for the role is a very expensive error. The subsequent effects on the company can include drops in productivity, team morale, and extra time spent managing performance. Once the unsuitable hire leaves the company, the recruitment process has to be repeated, incurring more cost and internal time. Any training and development spending on the outgoing employee will also be lost.


Getting the right fit first time round matters. It makes sense therefore for companies to invest in the recruitment process and that’s where Action HR Services comes in. With nearly 50 years in the business connecting people with people, matching skills accurately, and getting the culture fit exactly right every time, you can trust us to find the right candidate for your role and your culture. We can ensure you do not make poor recruitment decisions saving you valuable time and money. 

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Job Descriptions

We will work with you to draft job descriptions specifically for the role listing the requirements, responsibilities, and skills needed to perform a specific job. A good job description should be simple to understand and should list all the necessary application duties and requirements.

  • Job Advertisements

We can draft the job advertisement ensuring it outlines the necessary skill set and knowledge required together with being fully compliant with employment equality legislation. In addition, we help to make sure that your job advertisement will be noticed in today’s ultra-competitive market.

  • Shortlist Candidates

Shortlisting candidates is often the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of the recruitment process. By securing the services of Action HR Services we can take this burden from you by determining reliable shortlist criteria and creating a shortlist scorecard ensuring only the best candidates are shortlisted for interview.

  • Interviewing Candidates

With over 20 years’ experience interviewing candidates our HR Consultants can be trusted to ensure the correct skills and techniques are used to select the best-suited candidate. We can either participate as a member of your interview panel or complete the process for you by interviewing candidates virtually or on-site.

  • Interview Evaluation Forms

Action HR Services can assist you with drafting an interview form allowing candidates to be assessed on pre-determined criteria relevant for the position. Structured questions will ensure that you do not fall into the trap of asking illegal or improper interview questions. The result will provide a clear comparison between candidates allowing you to select the candidate that is the best fit for your company.

  • Reference Checks

The best indicator of future performance is a candidate’s past performance, and a good source of this information is the candidate’s previous employer. Conducting position-related reference checks will ensure the information you gain can allow you to hire the right person for the company and help you manage the successful candidate in their new position. Action HR Services can assist you by conducting two reference checks for each candidate.

  • Offer Letters

A formal written confirmation of a job offer will ensure both the candidate and the employer are clear on the conditions of the job. Action HR Services can draft job offers ensuring that all relevant employment details are included.

  • New Starter Documentation

Action HR Services can assist you with all new starter documentation for your new employee including contracts of employment and company policies and procedures ensuring legislative compliance.

If Action HR Services can assist you with your current or future recruitment process please contact Dominika or Catherine at or visit our website.  We would be delighted to assist you.